13 Subscription Packages You Might Not Have Heard Of

13 Subscription Packages You Might Not Have Heard Of

Monthly subscription packages have been all the rage for years now. There are makeup boxes, gaming boxes, fandom boxes, book boxes, and who knows what else. There are so many options out there that it’s difficult to know just what’s available. Most people have probably heard of Loot Crate, ipsy, and BarkBox, but that’s barely scratching the surface. Below you can find thirteen subscription boxes that are particularly interesting or even strange!

(It’s important to note that you should read subscription box reviews carefully before subscribing. Some of the boxes below have a lot of reviews and high ratings, but others have fewer reviews. These reviews could change regularly. Be sure to check recent reviews before deciding!)

The 90’s Box

This box promises “epic toys & gear,” with five to eight items from the 90’s sent every month. The website says their boxes can feature products from companies like Nerf, Hasbro, Mattel, and more. If you’re a fan of the 90’s (and it sure seems like we all are), take a look at their website and see if it’s for you: The 90’s Box
($17 to $24.99/mo.)


This subscription box is for survivalists and anyone else interested in survival gear. Every two months, subscribers are sent tools, accessories, and information meant to teach about surviving in difficult situations. This includes a “skills challenge” that teaches a specific survival skill. If you’re interested in preparing for an apocalypse (I hear zombie apocalypse is most likely), or if you just want to feel safer during outdoor adventures, check out the website: Apocabox
($50/every other mo. + shipping)

Box of Challenge

Box of Challenge is a monthly box that includes a mix of challenging items, like instructions and puzzles. Each box has a theme—the website lists themes like “Crazy Circus” and “UFOs.” Box of Challenge is meant for ages 8 and up and for 2 to 6 players. If you think your friends or family might want to join in on the challenge, visit their website: Box of Challenge

Dapper Sasquatch

This subscription box is centered on a theme: steampunk. Steampunk is an alternate history genre that explores what the world would be like if we had continued with steam power, creating a different world branching off from the Victorian era. Dapper Sasquatch sends books, items, and gifts in the steampunk genre; continues the Dapper Sasquatch storyline; and helps build a year-long mystery. If you’re an alternate history, fantasy, or sci-fi fan, give Dapper Sasquatch a look: Dapper Sasquatch
($35/mo. + shipping; other subscription plans available)

Dirt of the Month Club

This subscription box sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it’s certainly more interesting than the name implies. Subscribers are sent dirt from mines each month, and that dirt can be panned to look for gold. The website says you’re guaranteed gold each month. There are very few reviews for this subscription box, so it’s hard to tell what your real experience might be, but if you’d like to try your hand at panning for gold, visit their website: Dirt of the Month Club
($39 to $255/mo.)

Dungeon Crate

Dungeon Crate is a subscription box for RPG (role playing game) enthusiasts. Each box has a theme (one past theme was “Mother of Dragons”) and includes accessories like dice, miniatures, coins, and digital content. If you’re a fan of RPGs and want to expand your inventory, look over their website: Dungeon Crate
($29.95/mo. + shipping)

Escape the Crate

This box is meant to be a less expensive way to enjoy the popular escape rooms without having to actually go to one of those businesses. Every other month, subscribers are sent a box of items that are used to solve a mystery and complete an adventure with your friends. You are given clues, like puzzles and riddles. The current adventure is called “Escape the Lost Colony.” If you want to solve clues and work through a mystery with your friends, head over to their website: Escape the Crate
($29.99/every other mo. + shipping)

Hunt a Killer

This terrifying-sounding subscription box lets would-be detectives solve a chilling mystery. The box includes information that tells a story about a killer and gives clues for you to work through so you can figure out who the culprit is. Hunt a Killer is a creepy, dark box with items and letters from the killer that subscribers must examine. If you like true crime or reading about serial killers, visit the website: Hunt a Killer
($25 to $30/mo.)

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box is described as a “box full of cuteness!” The subscription box is filled with ten kawaii items and has previously included brands like Pocky, Hello Kitty, and Totoro. Items could be keychains, stickers, hair accessories, edible treats, or anything else kawaii. If you want a monthly subscription package that’s almost overwhelmingly cute and huggable, hop over to their website: Kawaii Box
($18.20 to $19.90/mo.)

Macaron of the Month Club

This subscription box sends subscribers—you guessed it—macarons. Every month, you will receive a variety box of macarons from Dana’s Bakery, including a macaron that’s the “flavor of the month.” The website’s “Macaron Gallery” shows macarons like chocolate covered pretzel, fruity cereal, champagne celebration, and cotton candy. Some past flavors have included watermelon, mint julep, and waffle cone sundae. If you’re a lover of macarons and you want to try next month’s variety of flavors, give their website a visit: Macaron of the Month Club
($33/mo.; other subscription plans available)

Moss of the Month Club

The Moss of the Month Club sends subscribers a monthly bag full of different moss and lichens. The subscription box is unlike the others in this list, because it’s run through an etsy user’s shop. The shop owner promises each month’s items are worth at least $10 to $15 dollars. The page suggests this earthy subscription box is particularly enjoyable in the winter when it’s dark and gloomy outside. If you’re a lover of moss and lichens, head over to their etsy page: Moss of the Month Club
($30/3 mos.; 6 mo. and 12 mo. subscriptions available)

Supply Pod

Supply Pod is a subscription box with a science and science fiction theme that’s sent every three months. Boxes include books, collectibles, clothing, and a science kit (examples include Star Trek books and a solar rover kit). This box combines a love of science fiction and a love of real-life science. If you’re a fan of either of the two, check out their website: Supply Pod
($39.99/every three mos.)


VNYL is a subscription service the sends curated vinyl records to subscribers every month. VNYL learns about your music taste and sends three records every month. The service can learn about your likes through the information you give it manually, and you can connect your Spotify account and other music accounts. Music-lovers can check out this subscription service at their website: VNYL