Facebook Watch Has Arrived

Facebook Watch Has Arrived

If you happened to be watching Facebook’s sidebar carefully, you might have noticed the new tab that just appeared. Facebook has now officially launched the Watch tab for Facebook users. Videos have become a huge part of Facebook, News Feeds becoming filled with viral videos, how-tos, trailers, and all kinds of video content. If a friend or page you follow posts a video, you can watch it, save it, share it, etc. Facebook Watch ups the social media site’s game by creating a hub specifically for discovering new video content and following up on your favorite content creators.

If you click on the Watch tab (near the top of Facebook’s left sidebar), you can find episodes from different series, individual video content from pages all across Facebook, and several different categories to flip through. You even have a watchlist that helps you stay up to date. You can find episodes from series like “Humans of New York: The Series” and “Hala Madrid.” You can scroll through content from popular pages like Rolling Stone, ATTN:, and The Dodo. And if you want to get some suggestions for what to watch, there are plenty of categories to choose from. For instance, the Popular Now category shows some of the videos other Facebook users are watching. The What Friends Are Watching category is a fun way to flip through some of the videos your friends and family recently enjoyed. With the 10 Minutes or More category, you can trade in the typical brief viral video for longer, more engrossing video content. And the Suggested For You category compiles a bunch of videos Facebook thinks you might like.

When you find something you like, you can save the video and even start following the series. After clicking on a video, look in the top right corner of the page. Clicking on the Follow button gives you the option to show new posts from the series at the top of your News Feed. If you click the menu next to the follow button—the three dots—you can save the video to watch later. What’s really nice is that accessing these videos later is easy! On the Facebook Watch page, you can click on the tabs called “Latest Episodes” and “Saved Episodes.” Underneath these tabs, there’s even a list of shows you’re Following. Clicking on one of these shows brings up the videos in the series.

While Facebook users will certainly still discover new videos by scrolling through their News Feeds, Facebook Watch brings a new dynamic to Facebook’s platform. With plenty of new content to check out, you’re certain to find a new series to follow, located right on your favorite social media site. To go straight to Facebook Watch, click here.