Now Accepting Check or Money Order

Now Accepting Check or Money Order

Pay how you want with EIN

Sometimes the best ways are the old ways. Now you can order new High-Speed Internet Service from Easy Internet Now and pay by Check or Money Order! It’s  one more part of how we’re working every day to make getting Internet service as easy and convenient as possible. To make a payment by Check or Money Order on a new order just select the option from the list at the bottom of your order:

If you choose to pay by Check or Money Order you will need to mail in your payment before we can schedule your Installation. EIN is a prepaid service provider, and like our other payment methods, we need to have your first payment in place before installing your new High-Speed Internet Service. Shortly after you place your order you will get an email explaining that you need to mail in your payment to our processing center before Installation can proceed.

Easy Internet Now Payment Processing Center

PO Box 1563

West Plains, MO 65775

This makes three easy to use payment methods for getting service with EIN! If you’re planning to use a check we highly suggest using our eCheck system to get your Installation scheduled and in-progress as quickly as possible.

Making Monthly Payments by Check

Not only can you make your initial payment by Check or Money Order, you can also pay your monthly subscription the same way! Just make sure your payment is mailed to our processing center with plenty of time to arrive before your due date. Payments mailed to the processing center may not be applied the day they are received – but they will always be backdated to the date they arrived, so no worries about getting an errant late fee.

If you have any questions about our payment methods, or anything else related to EIN, just give a shout by texting 405.445.3685 or by emailing We’re always glad to hear from you!

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