Meet the new intern!

Meet the new intern!

Hi. My name is Abigail, and I am the new intern at Easy Internet Now. I will be writing the articles and news stories about all things tech here on Furthermore, as the content creator, it is my job to introduce the new employees to the world. So, it is my pleasure to introduce myself, Abigail Eskew, to you, world. World, Abigail Eskew. Abigail Eskew, world. Nice to meet you. Charmed, I’m sure.

On to the interview!

Me: Hello, thanks for meeting with me on short notice.

Also me: Not a problem. I’m on the clock anyway.

Me: Well…yes. But you are interning for school credit, not cash money. Didn’t you know that?

Also me: What?

Me: So where do you go to school?

Also me: I’m a senior at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, and I major in Professional Writing. Sorry, what did you say about no money?

Me: Professional Writing? And what do you tell your parents you major in?

Also me: Ha. Ha. It is a career, and one in demand, I might add. These days the business world reaches a very significant portion of their customers online, and someone has to write all that content. Not to mention user manuals, safety information, proposals, progress reports…hey, wake up!

Me: Oh, sorry, I was just resting my eyes. Sooo…you are the friendly face of the money-grubbing corporate world. Tell me, how does it feel to sell out?

Also me: Excuse me, I didn’t sell out. I happen to think access to the internet is extremely important, especially to kids in school. Education is freely available to those who want it, as long as they have internet. And besides, I don’t think someone who isn’t being paid can sell out.

Me: Keep telling yourself that, corporate jockey. I can’t believe you sold out for no money. What a rube. So what are you going to write first? Some advertisements for your new corporate overlords?

Also me: Actually, Easy Internet Now is a company with a desire to help people who otherwise would be left without internet by existing corporations, and set them up with a reliable connection.

Me: Exactly. Blink twice if you need help.

Also me: A company can thrive without being evil, you know. It’s called supply and demand, filling needs…

Me: …filling pockets…

Also me: …and providing value to our clients. In that spirit, I plan to kick off my content with a series I’m calling Internet 101. It will be a series of informative how-to articles that people can refer back to when they need to. It will cover things like tips and tricks for effective and efficient Google searches, where to put your free modem for the best function and access, and best practices for keeping your personal details safe online.

Me: Sounds boring.

Also me: I’ll also be covering new tech developments, trends and viral content.

Me: Ooh, did you see that video with the cats?

Also me: I don’t know which one you mean, but probably yes.

Me: Those cats are so silly.

Also me: Yes they are.

Me: Well I look forward to your cat articles, and working with you in the future. Welcome to the company!

Also me: Thanks! I’m excited to be here!

Help me welcome our newest member of the Easy Internet Now family! You can follow her/me on Twitter @willreadforfood, and please tweet any suggestions about internet skills you would like to develop @easyinternetnow, and I/her will consider including your suggestions in future how-tos!

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