Why is unlimited Internet important at home?

Why is unlimited Internet important at home?

What’s the future of the “major provider” networks? Scamming their customers out of more money by bringing data caps, just like those that have been such a pain in the mobile phone world, into the world of high-speed home Internet. For years it looked like data caps and throttling, a method of slowing down the Internet on your phone if you pass a limit they’ve set, were going to be a problem for phone users only. Then the landline Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) realized they needed a way to shore up their television and phone service divisions as people started cutting the cord. What better way to do that then to just borrow the exact same methods of overcharging mobile phone users and bring it to your home?

Many of the largest ISP’s now have some form of data cap or throttling system in place. Companies like Cox, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and more have brought out data caps ranging from 250GB to 1TB. If you’re familiar with bandwidth and data usage that range might seem reasonable for an average household, but the problem isn’t today, it’s tomorrow. In the world of “tomorrow” we will see more people cutting the cord with their cable or Satellite service and exclusively watching videos, movies, and shows through their Internet connection. People who still need landlines are increasingly using VoIP services that operate over a data connection with your Internet service. Music, video, gaming, communication, education – it’s becoming more common to get all of these things through your Internet connection, and the average bandwidth used by each household is going to grow at an exponential rate over the next decade.

The biggest data hogs

There are two big reasons that data consumption is only going to increase for the average household in just the next few years; the Internet-of-Things and 4k televisions. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) refers to the ubiquitous nature of Internet connected devices that surround us everywhere we go, and increasingly surround us at home. Almost everything has a connection to the Internet these days; televisions, cameras, thermostats, and even some refrigerators. While some IoT devices are expensive and seem hard to imagine becoming an everyday item, the reality is that these devices will only get less expensive and more commonplace as people get used to the convenience of their phone or tablet being able to talk to all of the other devices in their lives. 4k televisions are quickly becoming common in households all over, with some 4k prices matching those of regular HD televisions at big box stores. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are starting to pump out some 4k content for their customers, and as the catalogue of 4k shows and movies grows so will the average data use. These ultra-high-definition videos eat up considerably more data and bandwidth than their forefathers.

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Easy Internet Now is the future of ISP’s

There are already tens-of-thousands of homes across the country that regularly use several devices simultaneously to stream videos, listen to music, and surf the web with no access to cable television or a landline telephone. While other providers look at these homes with fear, and plot ways to get more money from them to shore up their traditional entertainment divisions, Easy Internet Now was built to be the perfect solution for these cord cutters. All EIN plans are unlimited, meaning we will never cap your data usage or throttle your connection. We’re right there with you on the forefront, helping families across the nation get rid of their overpriced cable charges. No contract, no credit check, no limits. EIN is the ISP of the future, and we’re ready to serve you today.