ListenYo is the YouTube streaming service you’ve been looking for

ListenYo is the YouTube streaming service you’ve been looking for

YouTube users have been dreaming of this type of service for years, and with YouTube red a lot of those users were happy. But many of us just couldn’t bring ourselves to pay the monthly fee when comparing the service to other streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. ListenYo provides a web based YouTube streaming platform that lets you load the audio without the video, something that saves mobile users a ton of data and lets you listen with your phone screen off!

From their site:

ListenYo was created for one purpose – to allow mobile users to “listen” to YouTube, without loading video content.

This means:

  • Quick access to all YouTube videos in audio format
  • Up to 4 times less internet data, while keeping the same audio quality
  • Browse other apps while listening or turn off your screen, significantly reducing your mobile battery usage
  • Auto-play, repeat and all that jazz…

You can browse the entire YouTube library straight from the ListenYo site, and once you find the song or video you’re interested in hearing just click on it and the site converts your video into a streaming audio file. There’s virtually no waiting time for the conversion, assuming you have a decent connection, and in a second your “video” is playing right in your browser. You still get the related videos in a list below your streaming content just like you would on the actual YouTube site, and you can even go through the related videos and select the one you want to play next.

You can listen to videos without an account, but the site is run completely on donations so there are a few places where they ask you to consider making a contribution. There’s no obligation and there doesn’t seem to be any interruption in your listening by the company, their requests for donations are strictly in text form on the site.

Is it everything you’ve been looking for in a YouTube audio streaming experience? Maybe not, there are plenty of features from YouTube that don’t carry over to the ListenYo site, but for mobile users looking for a way to stream their favorite songs and other audio from YouTube without blowing through their data this is an amazing (and free!) product.

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