Get some screen privacy on your Android phone

Get some screen privacy on your Android phone

Nobody likes to have someone looking over their shoulder while browsing Facebook or responding to text messages, but when you’re in a crowded airport or other heavily trafficked area it just seems to happen. A lot. So what’s a privacy minded smartphone user to do? If you’re using an Android device you might want to consider checking out the ‘Privacy Screen Guard & Filter’ app, which claims it can dramatically increase your privacy and security.

From the app description:

Shoulder surfing NO MORE!
Block people from peeping into your apps, notifications and private chats on a subway train, bus, mall, at work or school by using our privacy shade.

Excellent screen blocker
Surf and respond privately to your sensitive data, emails, work emails, and chats because your nosy neighbors/ coworker sees only a black screen filter!

Hide personal messages/chats from your boyfriend /girlfriend and not feel pried upon!

Turn on the privacy shade from notifications and hide all your sensitive information from onlookers. Privacy screen provides a draggable window and dims the rest of the screen.

Protect your privacy with privacy screen filter.

Hide and obscure parts of your screen to block sensitive content, messages, apps and chats.

Surf apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snap chat with using privacy shade in public places.

Drag the screen filter window to control visible areas and cover rest of screen with a tint.

Adjust transparency to suit your environment which is also useful for night time reading and acts as an eye protector.

Privacy Screen shade can also be used as night mode and theater mode as a screen dimmer to protect your eyes from the excessive brightness.

Download the Privacy Screen and Guard app.