Wiman helps you find free WiFi and more

Wiman helps you find free WiFi and more

You love your Unlimited High-Speed Internet from Easy Internet Now – especially with your free Wifi modem – but what about when you leave the house? You’re stuck trying to find free WiFi to avoid your mobile carriers ridiculous data caps and speed throttling. It’s a mess of guessing which fast food restaurants or coffee shops will offer free public WiFi, made increasingly difficult by a growing number of places that are opting to be a “WiFi Free Zone” because they believe it will improve the atmosphere of their establishment. So what’s a traveling EIN customer to do when trying to find some free Internet on the road? If they’re using an Android phone (sorry Apple) there’s a new app available to help make things much easier.

More than Maps

Wiman is a service that conveniently maps out free public WiFi locations in cities around the world. You can use their website or their Android App to find locations close to your location or search in advance in a city that you plan to visit soon. One of the best features is the ability to save the WiFi maps for offline use – letting you find WiFi in places where you have no cellular data at all. At this time Wiman claims they have over 70 million free WiFi locations mapped around the globe. The app also gives you more detailed information about the type of connection you should expect and even has a built-in speed test that’s compatible with Android Wear, letting you check your connection speed right on your watch.

Business Use

The Wiman service isn’t just for roving WiFi bandits – it’s also for businesses to use to share their WiFi with the public while maintaining their internal network security. Businesses can get stats on their public WiFi usage and help drive more customers to their location just be being shown as available in the app. People are always looking for WiFi, no matter how much data their mobile plan offers, and if you’re a business owner you generally want them to choose you.

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