Mealviser is AI controlled diet help

Mealviser is AI controlled diet help

There are a lot of calorie counting apps out there. Seriously, switch over to your App Store and search “calorie count” and check out how many pages of what amount to the exact same app show up. Some of those clones actually ask for your money to do the exact same thing that hundreds of free versions are already doing. Mealviser is entering a crowded market, but it offers some unique features (and for now a free price tag) that make it stand out from the crowd.

Mealviser is part calorie counter and part AI controlled meal advisor. Just like any other calorie counter app you have to enter the food and exercise that make up your day, but then something special happens. Instead of just giving you summary of your eating and exercise habits, or making simple recommendations on how much harder you should work to achieve your goals, Mealviser actually recommends meals that are tailored to meeting your needs. Their AI system takes the information you provide and compares it to what kind of food and nutrition you should be taking in, then offers meals.

From the developer:

Just tell Mealviser what you’ve had to eat and what type of exercise you’ve done today. Mealviser will track your calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake, then provide a custom meal recommendation for what to eat for dinner. You can choose from our huge library of recipes or choose dishes from nearby restaurants (USA only). Why is it coolest ever nutrition app? -It doesn’t require counting calories, log your food and get your next dinner suggestion. -It has an AI on board. We tortured top dietitians to make our AI know their secrets. -You can keep losing weight even if you skip a meal or overeat And YES it’s FREE with already included PRO features

It’s similar to how a dietician might review your lifestyle and eating habits to make recommendations, and while we would never recommend replacing a medical professional’s opinion with an app we would recommend giving Mealviser a try to see if it can help you eat and feel better.

Interested in checking out Mealviser?

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