Blog brings you way to listen to articles instead of reading brings you way to listen to articles instead of reading

If you’ve read many opinion articles on the web lately then you’ve probably come across some posted on the website Medium. It’s become the primary place for blogs, independent journalists, and opinion pieces to get the most reach for their written content. Popular news journals often cross-post to Medium because of the large and growing audience that it presents of people hungry for more words. Unfortunately, Medium has a way of sucking you in and you might find yourself looking at the clock to realize that it’s been two hours since you read your first article, and while you feel much more informed, you really haven’t got much work done. It’s the reason that people enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks when working, you have the opportunity to digest new information while still being at least somewhat productive.

With that in mind the team at has devised a way to enjoy your favorite fresh articles and opinion pieces without needing to focus your eyeballs on the screen the whole time. Using their embeddable player your browser can read the articles to you like it was a podcast. Actually, that might be a bit of a stretch because there aren’t many podcasts out there that sound quite so robotic. But, if you can get over the monotone and slightly metallic sounding voice then you can consume articles with earbuds in while you focus on other things.

Check it out here:

From the dev:

We are electrified to share with you the PLAY Embedded Player. It helps you listen, narrate and embed articles as podcasts on Medium. If you are a Medium writer and wish to have an audio version of your article then simply paste the generated link your Medium article and have the Embedded Player in your article! But if you are not a Medium writer you can use it to listen to articles. It’s free for listening and embedding 🙂

Is it as enjoyable as having a real person read you the information? No, but unless you can find someone to read aloud your news feed then this is the next best thing.