Keep track of subscriptions with Outflow

Keep track of subscriptions with Outflow

You sign up for a free 30 day trial of a subscription service because it looks pretty neat, but after a few days you lose interest in the product and forget you ever signed up in the first place. Then the dreaded forgotten service charge hits your card and you realize that free 30 day subscription just cost you a chunk of money for something you won’t ever use again. Most services will give you at least a partial refund, but it would have been better to never have to deal with that unwanted charge in the first place.

So, how do you keep track of all the services you subscribe to across the web? You could start a spreadsheet or try to organize calendar reminders about subscription payments. Or, you could try Outflow, an app for iOS devices that helps keep all of your subscriptions in one location. Outflow provides you with an easy graphic understanding of your existing subscriptions, the amount they charge, and when your next renewal date is scheduled. A new update to the app today provides even more great features, like the ability to find existing subscriptions and import them into the app automatically.

From the developer:

“…one of the most requested features was the ability for the app to find subscriptions that you may already have. The app now allows you to connect to your Gmail account to receive suggestions on what subscriptions to track. Some other features include automatic currency conversion, a today extension, more renewal frequencies and a greater importance on app stability to name a few. If you are interested in seeing all the new features, you can check out this blog post:”

Check out this video to see if Outflow might be just the thing you needed to get a handle on all of your recurring subscription services.