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EIN partner AT&T announces major fiber expansion

EIN partner AT&T announces major fiber expansion

Easy Internet Now is excited to announce the expansion of fiber connectivity by one of our premier partner’s, AT&T. On Thursday, April 21, AT&T announced a major expansion of their fiber network to parts of eight new metropolitan areas.

AT&T’s Eric Boyer, senior vice president, Wireless and Wired Product Marketing, stated:

“And we’re just hitting our stride. Today we also announced the launch of our 100% fiber network service to parts of Oakland, California. We now market a one gigabit connection on our 100% fiber connection to 4.6 million locations across 52 major metros”

Easy Internet Now operates on existing networks like AT&T fiber to provide a low cost, no contract alternative to the major ISP companies. This expansion will provide consumers with the opportunity to use AT&T service through the primary provider (AT&T) or through EIN. Many consumers prefer to get their service through EIN because of our outstanding customer support, no contracts, and prepaid-cancel-anytime solutions.

The list of expanded metros:

  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Monterey-Salinas, California
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • South Bend, Indiana
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • Western Michigan

This fiber expansion also lays the groundwork for an upcoming selection of new service plans to be made available by Easy Internet Now offering even better speeds. Keep an eye on our news feed for updates on these upcoming offers. To check for Easy Internet Now service at your location go to our serviceability checker at

ListenYo is the YouTube streaming service you’ve been looking for

ListenYo is the YouTube streaming service you’ve been looking for

YouTube users have been dreaming of this type of service for years, and with YouTube red a lot of those users were happy. But many of us just couldn’t bring ourselves to pay the monthly fee when comparing the service to other streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. ListenYo provides a web based YouTube streaming platform that lets you load the audio without the video, something that saves mobile users a ton of data and lets you listen with your phone screen off!

From their site:

ListenYo was created for one purpose – to allow mobile users to “listen” to YouTube, without loading video content.

This means:

  • Quick access to all YouTube videos in audio format
  • Up to 4 times less internet data, while keeping the same audio quality
  • Browse other apps while listening or turn off your screen, significantly reducing your mobile battery usage
  • Auto-play, repeat and all that jazz…

You can browse the entire YouTube library straight from the ListenYo site, and once you find the song or video you’re interested in hearing just click on it and the site converts your video into a streaming audio file. There’s virtually no waiting time for the conversion, assuming you have a decent connection, and in a second your “video” is playing right in your browser. You still get the related videos in a list below your streaming content just like you would on the actual YouTube site, and you can even go through the related videos and select the one you want to play next.

You can listen to videos without an account, but the site is run completely on donations so there are a few places where they ask you to consider making a contribution. There’s no obligation and there doesn’t seem to be any interruption in your listening by the company, their requests for donations are strictly in text form on the site.

Is it everything you’ve been looking for in a YouTube audio streaming experience? Maybe not, there are plenty of features from YouTube that don’t carry over to the ListenYo site, but for mobile users looking for a way to stream their favorite songs and other audio from YouTube without blowing through their data this is an amazing (and free!) product.

Check it out at

Get some screen privacy on your Android phone

Get some screen privacy on your Android phone

Nobody likes to have someone looking over their shoulder while browsing Facebook or responding to text messages, but when you’re in a crowded airport or other heavily trafficked area it just seems to happen. A lot. So what’s a privacy minded smartphone user to do? If you’re using an Android device you might want to consider checking out the ‘Privacy Screen Guard & Filter’ app, which claims it can dramatically increase your privacy and security.

From the app description:

Shoulder surfing NO MORE!
Block people from peeping into your apps, notifications and private chats on a subway train, bus, mall, at work or school by using our privacy shade.

Excellent screen blocker
Surf and respond privately to your sensitive data, emails, work emails, and chats because your nosy neighbors/ coworker sees only a black screen filter!

Hide personal messages/chats from your boyfriend /girlfriend and not feel pried upon!

Turn on the privacy shade from notifications and hide all your sensitive information from onlookers. Privacy screen provides a draggable window and dims the rest of the screen.

Protect your privacy with privacy screen filter.

Hide and obscure parts of your screen to block sensitive content, messages, apps and chats.

Surf apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snap chat with using privacy shade in public places.

Drag the screen filter window to control visible areas and cover rest of screen with a tint.

Adjust transparency to suit your environment which is also useful for night time reading and acts as an eye protector.

Privacy Screen shade can also be used as night mode and theater mode as a screen dimmer to protect your eyes from the excessive brightness.

Download the Privacy Screen and Guard app.

Wiman helps you find free WiFi and more

Wiman helps you find free WiFi and more

You love your Unlimited High-Speed Internet from Easy Internet Now – especially with your free Wifi modem – but what about when you leave the house? You’re stuck trying to find free WiFi to avoid your mobile carriers ridiculous data caps and speed throttling. It’s a mess of guessing which fast food restaurants or coffee shops will offer free public WiFi, made increasingly difficult by a growing number of places that are opting to be a “WiFi Free Zone” because they believe it will improve the atmosphere of their establishment. So what’s a traveling EIN customer to do when trying to find some free Internet on the road? If they’re using an Android phone (sorry Apple) there’s a new app available to help make things much easier.

More than Maps

Wiman is a service that conveniently maps out free public WiFi locations in cities around the world. You can use their website or their Android App to find locations close to your location or search in advance in a city that you plan to visit soon. One of the best features is the ability to save the WiFi maps for offline use – letting you find WiFi in places where you have no cellular data at all. At this time Wiman claims they have over 70 million free WiFi locations mapped around the globe. The app also gives you more detailed information about the type of connection you should expect and even has a built-in speed test that’s compatible with Android Wear, letting you check your connection speed right on your watch.

Business Use

The Wiman service isn’t just for roving WiFi bandits – it’s also for businesses to use to share their WiFi with the public while maintaining their internal network security. Businesses can get stats on their public WiFi usage and help drive more customers to their location just be being shown as available in the app. People are always looking for WiFi, no matter how much data their mobile plan offers, and if you’re a business owner you generally want them to choose you.

Interested in trying out Wiman?

Visit their Website

Download their App in Google Play (Android Only)

Use CityHeat to help plan your next trip

We’ve all done it at least once. You show up to your hotel and you’re excited about dropping off your stuff and hitting the town to discover all the cool stuff your vacation location has to offer. You notice that there aren’t a lot of attractions around your hotel, and then you ask the desk where to go and they suggest a long cab ride to another part of the city. It’s discouraging and long cab or Uber rides tend to put a damper on your evening. Or maybe you put a lot of time into figuring out the best part of the city before you booked, but it turns out you’re hitting only the tourist locations and none of the local flavor is coming through. CityHeat is ready to make finding the most visited places in a city (by visitors or locals) incredibly easy by showing you heat maps of the most popular locations.

What’s a heatmap?

Heatmaps are a great way to visualize data about locations or places in use. In this case you simply select the city you are planning to visit and in a matter of seconds you will have a regular looking Google Map with colors overlayed showing you the “heat” or commonality of people visiting locations across the city. The darker the red the more visited the location, with the color scale going from green to deep red. Here’s an example from Honolulu:

Picking a hotel in or near one of those bright red areas helps you ensure you’re going to be in the heart of action – if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. Of course you can use it for the opposite purpose and find hotels to stay at that are far away from the deepest reds and the hustle and bustle of inner-metro areas. You can zoom in on the maps to get a closer inspection of an individual neighborhood or zoom out to see who whole metropolitan region.

After you select the city you can enter what you’re interested in, giving you detailed break down of attractions that might interest you and their locations in the heatmap. Plus, it even shows you the Google review rating of the locations in your hotspots.

Another handy feature is the ability to mouse over “Visitor” or “Local” and the map will change to show you the differences between where the locals like to be and where the visitors tend to assemble. Again, depending on the goals of your trip you can use this feature to help plan out the sights and experiences that will be best for you. At the very least it’s fun tool just to see where people like to congregate in your own city!

Click Here to Go To City Heat

Mealviser is AI controlled diet help

Mealviser is AI controlled diet help

There are a lot of calorie counting apps out there. Seriously, switch over to your App Store and search “calorie count” and check out how many pages of what amount to the exact same app show up. Some of those clones actually ask for your money to do the exact same thing that hundreds of free versions are already doing. Mealviser is entering a crowded market, but it offers some unique features (and for now a free price tag) that make it stand out from the crowd.

Mealviser is part calorie counter and part AI controlled meal advisor. Just like any other calorie counter app you have to enter the food and exercise that make up your day, but then something special happens. Instead of just giving you summary of your eating and exercise habits, or making simple recommendations on how much harder you should work to achieve your goals, Mealviser actually recommends meals that are tailored to meeting your needs. Their AI system takes the information you provide and compares it to what kind of food and nutrition you should be taking in, then offers meals.

From the developer:

Just tell Mealviser what you’ve had to eat and what type of exercise you’ve done today. Mealviser will track your calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake, then provide a custom meal recommendation for what to eat for dinner. You can choose from our huge library of recipes or choose dishes from nearby restaurants (USA only). Why is it coolest ever nutrition app? -It doesn’t require counting calories, log your food and get your next dinner suggestion. -It has an AI on board. We tortured top dietitians to make our AI know their secrets. -You can keep losing weight even if you skip a meal or overeat And YES it’s FREE with already included PRO features

It’s similar to how a dietician might review your lifestyle and eating habits to make recommendations, and while we would never recommend replacing a medical professional’s opinion with an app we would recommend giving Mealviser a try to see if it can help you eat and feel better.

Interested in checking out Mealviser?

Click Here to View the App in iTunes brings you way to listen to articles instead of reading brings you way to listen to articles instead of reading

If you’ve read many opinion articles on the web lately then you’ve probably come across some posted on the website Medium. It’s become the primary place for blogs, independent journalists, and opinion pieces to get the most reach for their written content. Popular news journals often cross-post to Medium because of the large and growing audience that it presents of people hungry for more words. Unfortunately, Medium has a way of sucking you in and you might find yourself looking at the clock to realize that it’s been two hours since you read your first article, and while you feel much more informed, you really haven’t got much work done. It’s the reason that people enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks when working, you have the opportunity to digest new information while still being at least somewhat productive.

With that in mind the team at has devised a way to enjoy your favorite fresh articles and opinion pieces without needing to focus your eyeballs on the screen the whole time. Using their embeddable player your browser can read the articles to you like it was a podcast. Actually, that might be a bit of a stretch because there aren’t many podcasts out there that sound quite so robotic. But, if you can get over the monotone and slightly metallic sounding voice then you can consume articles with earbuds in while you focus on other things.

Check it out here:

From the dev:

We are electrified to share with you the PLAY Embedded Player. It helps you listen, narrate and embed articles as podcasts on Medium. If you are a Medium writer and wish to have an audio version of your article then simply paste the generated link your Medium article and have the Embedded Player in your article! But if you are not a Medium writer you can use it to listen to articles. It’s free for listening and embedding 🙂

Is it as enjoyable as having a real person read you the information? No, but unless you can find someone to read aloud your news feed then this is the next best thing.

Keep track of subscriptions with Outflow

Keep track of subscriptions with Outflow

You sign up for a free 30 day trial of a subscription service because it looks pretty neat, but after a few days you lose interest in the product and forget you ever signed up in the first place. Then the dreaded forgotten service charge hits your card and you realize that free 30 day subscription just cost you a chunk of money for something you won’t ever use again. Most services will give you at least a partial refund, but it would have been better to never have to deal with that unwanted charge in the first place.

So, how do you keep track of all the services you subscribe to across the web? You could start a spreadsheet or try to organize calendar reminders about subscription payments. Or, you could try Outflow, an app for iOS devices that helps keep all of your subscriptions in one location. Outflow provides you with an easy graphic understanding of your existing subscriptions, the amount they charge, and when your next renewal date is scheduled. A new update to the app today provides even more great features, like the ability to find existing subscriptions and import them into the app automatically.

From the developer:

“…one of the most requested features was the ability for the app to find subscriptions that you may already have. The app now allows you to connect to your Gmail account to receive suggestions on what subscriptions to track. Some other features include automatic currency conversion, a today extension, more renewal frequencies and a greater importance on app stability to name a few. If you are interested in seeing all the new features, you can check out this blog post:”

Check out this video to see if Outflow might be just the thing you needed to get a handle on all of your recurring subscription services.


Alcamy offers open self-learning to learn or teach anything

Alcamy offers open self-learning to learn or teach anything

There’s a lot of great education services on the web, and many of them offer free classes on a ton of different subjects, but have you checked out Alcamy yet? It’s a bit like the Wikipedia of learning courses. Alcamy has set out to offer an open source method of learning and teaching that relies on a combination of experts and an active learning tool called Darwin. In short, they hope to let anyone learn anything, for free! We love any service that offers opportunities for people to harness the power of their Internet connection for great purposes like learning new skills or just learning for the joy of it!

From their Introduction:


Experts and self-learners organize the resources of the web into cronological programs that you can learn from.


Resources are individual articles, projects, videos or presentations that are the actual learning material being curated.


Each resource is attached to a quiz. Actively test your understanding right then and there. Track your progress over time.


Each topic has a community of self-learners and experts. Ask them for help, discuss material. The learning resources under each topic self-adjust and improve as more people take them.

We’re taking an open, Wikipedia-like approach to curating content & information for self-learning. Call it a Wikipedia + Coursera + Reddit mashup. Our mission is to make learning and teaching using the resources already available on the web open, free and exciting!

 Visit to learn more about their exciting new platform!